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Summer Rush

Summer rush is an essential part of any fraternity chapter’s recruiting success. During summer rush, fraternities attempt to get to know potential new members to see if they are a fit for the house and try to let these young men see what the house is all about. Beta makes an effort to get to know as many incoming rush prospects as possible during the summer, whether it be through personal dinners, bigger rush BBQ’s, or social media.

During the summer, new students should keep an eye out for the Beta Men of Principal Scholarship. Each year Beta is able to offer this scholarship from alumni donations. Applications will be sent out in the middle of July to all incoming men of Westminster College. The scholarship is for an incoming male who is a non-Greek affiliate (not a part of any fraternity already including Beta) who displays the characteristics of a man of principal. After a short application, a few active Betas will invite applicants out for a dinner/interview where we get to know them. After the applicants have been interviewed, the winner will announced at a dinner to which all applicants are invited.

Westminster College has a unique formal rush process known as a “Jungle Rush.” Formal rush lasts three nights.  The rushees visit every fraternity house for one hour on the first two nights — three houses each night.  At the end of the second night, all rushees rank each house from one to six in their order of preference.  After each rushee has ranked the houses, representatives of each house decide which rushees they want to see again on the third night. For the third and final night of rush, the rushees return to three houses in which the house and the rushee share a mutual interest.

After visiting these last three houses for a second time, the rushes rank the houses again. This time, groups from each house decide to whom they will extend bids. Then the real fun begins when the houses’ and rushees’ preferences come together during bid night — the beginning of affilateship. But the process isn’t necessarily over.  Any time during affilateship (the time between when the bid is offered and when the pledging process begins), rushees can switch houses as long as the house they are switching to signs off on it. The pledging process for Beta starts at the beginning of the second semester – and begins one of the best opportunities that college men can experience.

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Important Dates

Aug 16- New Student Move in
Aug 16- From 9-10 P.M. IFC ice cream social
Aug 17- From 8-9 P.M. Greek informational meeting
Aug 19- From 8-9 P.M. Greek informational meeting
Aug 20- From 7-9 P.M. IFC sponsored dodge ball
Sept 3- Formal rush begins
Sept 6- Bid night

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